2nd Annual Jessica Gahwi Give Sports Drive!


2nd Annual Jessica Gahwi Give Sports Drive!

It’s time for the 2nd Annual Jessica Gawhi Give Sports Drive! This event is hosted by Broomfield’s A Precious Child to honor the late Jessica Gawhi, who tragically died in the Aurora Theater shooting of 2012. To honor Jessica, who hoped to help children participate in youth sports programs, her family teamed up with A Precious Child to develop the Give Sports program.

The giveSPORTS program provides new and gently-used sports equipment to disadvantaged and displaced children by allowing them the opportunity to get involved in organized sports. Additionally, giveSPORTS provides scholarships to cover the costs of registration and other sports-related fees. Nearly 75 percent of children in low-income families rarely have the opportunity to participate in organized sports.  Statistically, participation in extra-curricular sports significantly impacts short and long-term educational, emotional, behavioral, and physical outcomes for disadvantaged, poverty stricken youth.

Gov. Hickenlooper has written the following letter concerning the importance of the drive:

Hickenlooper’s Equipment Drive Letter

You can also read a statement from Denver Post columnist Benjamin Hochman here.

McAdams Plumbing will be out helping to collect donations in the Pepsi Center parking lot on 24/AUG/13 all morning. We will also serve as a drop off point for anyone looking to drop off gently used sporting goods. You can find the yellow bucket just inside our front door. Our business is open from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Thanks in advance!

Give Sports

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