What Makes Us Different? Customer Service

Customer Service


What Makes Us Different? Customer Service

Over the next 3 weeks McAdams Plumbing is going to discuss what makes our company different; this week is Customer Service.

Customer Service

With literally hundreds of plumbing companies in the greater Denver area, there has to be a good reason for a customer to choose one company over the others. The first way McAdams Plumbing sets itself apart from the competition is with our customer service.

We really do care about our customers, and we want them happy all the time. While no one is excited about having to pay for plumbing repairs, we try to at least make it easy on you by understanding your unique situation and empathizing with you. We’ll take the time to talk with you on the phone, offer you prices if we can, even look at pictures or video of the problem to help diagnose. We are flexible and will work to show you why you can trust us.

Now, this isn’t to say we are perfect. We aren’t. We’re human. We make mistakes too. But when mistakes are made we work tirelessly to get the situation resolved in a satisfactory manner. So as a current or future customer, if you are ever dissatisfied, please call us right away. We want to resolve the issue and make it right for you and your family.

McAdams Plumbing is a part of Colorado and we aren’t planning on going anywhere. We have a deep rooted client base and they are our lifeblood. We’d love for you to join them and really understand what it means to be a McAdams Plumbing customer. You will always be treated with integrity and respect.

Thank you all!

Customer Service

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