We Are Now A Kohler Leading Edge Company!

Kohler Leading Edge

We Are Now A Kohler Leading Edge Company!

Kohler Leading Edge

McAdams Plumbing is very excited to announce that we have been selected to be a part of the Kohler Leading Edge program!

You can now find McAdams Plumbing listed as a Leading Edge Plumber on the Kohler website. We think that’s pretty cool and we’re really excited about it!

In order to be accepted as a Leading Edge plumber the company must qualify by being fully licensed and insured and must complete annual training in order to ensure our plumbers are kept aware of the newest market innovations.

This program adds another layer of protection for our customers. Along with the BBB, the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce, ourselves, and our customers, we are now responsible for upholding Kohler’s core values as well. That’s a lot of responsibility, but honestly, we’re up for it!

One main benefit our customers now gain from this program is the Toilet Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Kohler toilet you purchased, they will replace it with another of equal value along with a check for $100.00 to off-set the cost of removing the old toilet and placing the new one. How about that for customer service!

Kohler Plumber

McAdams Plumbing is excited to move forward with our new Kohler partnership and we are working hard to help our customers benefit from the programs involved. If you have any questions or comment please don’t hesitate to call, we’ll be here.

Thanks everyone!

The Proof is in the Plumbing!

Kohler Broomfield

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