Fun Fact of the Week 14/JAN/13

Fun Fact

Fun Fact of the Week

At McAdams Plumbing, we think facts are fun. We’re always learning new things, so we want to make sure you get to learn something too!

Fun FactDid you know that since 1963, the same year that the CDA was established, over 28 billion feet of copper piping has been installed in in U.S. buildings?

That’s about 5.3 million miles of copper pipe! To further put that into perspective, you could wrap 5.3 million miles of copper pipe around the Earth more than 200 times! Crazy right?

The current U.S. installation rate exceeds 1 billion feet per year!

Hope this little fact is one you haven’t seen before. As always, if you have any suggestions or recommendations for a blog topic please comment below or email Chris at [email protected]. Thanks for reading along!


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