Folly of the Week 11/MAR/13

Folly of the Week Broomfield

MP Folly of the Week

At McAdams Plumbing we see a lot of fun, exciting, and sometimes dangerous plumbing missteps. When we find great ones we love to pass them along to you, our readers, in hopes that you won’t make the same mistakes in the future. If you’re not sure what you’re doing is right, you’re probably doing it wrong. Remember what Grandpa McAdams always used to say; “Ricky, pick your battles.” Timeless wisdom. On that note, we give you this week’s plumbing folly:

Folly Boulder

Yikes! I hope that faucet is just for decoration. Or the socket. Either way, that is just poor decision making there. Well, hope you got a giggle out of that, I sure know I did.

If you have any funny plumbing related stories or pictures please feel free to sen them our way. Always looking for good Blog material. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and remember, the Proof is in the Plumbing!

Folly of the Week

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