The Proof is in the Plumbing!


The Proof is in the Plumbing!

Here at McAdams Plumbing we like to say the Proof is in the Plumbing when it comes to our work. We say this because we are confident in the quality of the work and the fairness of our prices. With this page we are going to show you a couple things most other companies won’t.

First, you’ll see our process videos.

These videos show you how we do certain jobs and what goes into them. We offer these to give you an idea of what is going to happen when McAdams Plumbing comes into your home to take care of your family. We want you to understand not just what we are doing, but why we are doing it too.

Second, this page will be full of before and after pictures.

These pictures will also be fitted with short descriptions of the work we did and why it was needed. We want our customers as informed as possible.

We hope you like what you see, but if you need more proof, click the links below for our customer reviews.

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 High Pressure Water Jetting

Main Line Sewer Service

WaterCop Installation

Mechanical Toilet Flange Installation

Westminster Plumbing Remodel

McAdams Plumbing was brought in to handle the plumbing portion of a Westminster remodel in July. This couple had a bathroom that still hadn’t left the 1970’s, so it desperately needed a modern upgrade.

After taking it down to studs we replaced all the water lines, drain lines, and shower valve, fixed the toilet flange and shower waste and overflow, and set the tub and shower combo. Once the walls, floors, and counter were installed we finished the shower trim, installed all new shut off valves, installed a new Kohler sink and faucet, and set the new toilet equipped with a Touchless Flush system and nightlight toilet seat. Now they have a beautiful, modern, high tech bathroom that will be great for resale!

Toilet Odor

On this Denver plumbing job a customer had a horrible smell coming from their bathroom. Try as they may, they couldn’t locate the source of the smell. After a neighbor had a plumbing remodel at their condo they told the customer that their flanges were low on the toilets. McAdams Plumbing got the call and sure enough, the flanges were very low at the customers house as well. So MP raised the flanges, replaced the wax ring, and reinstalled and sealed the toilet. No more smell = happy customers. Here’s the Proof:

Shower Valve Plumbing Repair

McAdams Plumbing was called out to Westminster to check out a leak coming from behind this customers’ shower wall. The water was leaking straight through the ceiling below. When MP opened the wall the culprit was pretty obvious. Whoever installed the valve body did a poor job welding it in place. It was leaking from almost every joint. So we went through and replaced all the welds, nice and clean like we always do, and made a couple of adjustments. Afterwards we tested the valve for several minutes to be sure there were no leaks. Here’s the Proof:

Waterline/Shut-Off Valve Replacement: Washing Machine

In this Broomfield home the cold winter weather brought about an unwanted event: a water line burst. The line was behind the washing machine and damaged the wall and flooded the floors in 3 rooms in the home. McAdams Plumbing repaired the broken waterline, replaced both of the old shut-off valves with proper quarter turn valves, and place an access panel on the wall to save the owner some drywall repair costs. Came out looking very nice. Here’s the Proof:

Vacuum Breaker Replacement

Sprinkler systems can be a real pain. On the Denver home below this wonderful couple had their system set up for the winter, but didn’t realize that their sprinkler shut-off valve had failed. This allowed water to move up into the vacuum breaker and freeze. The expansion of the frozen water snapped the body of the breaker. McAdams Plumbing was called out to replace both the vacuum breaker and the sprinkler shut-off. Here’s the proof:

Cast-Iron Main Stack Repair

Many older Colorado homes still run cast-iron pipes in areas of the home. On this Northglenn home the cast-iron main stack (the pipe that all above drain lines connect to) had a severe crack in it. Removing cast-iron can be difficult, but our careful craftsman at McAdams Plumbing was able to remove the broken portion completely and replace it with modern ABS pipe. Here’s the proof:

Elevation Change

On this Thornton job we were called out to replace a water heater, but we also noticed this elevation on the outgoing sprinkler pipe was terribly off. After a little crafting we were able to bring the elevation down to almost flat. If it wasn’t for the angle in the access hole we would’ve got it perfect…

Complete Toilet Rebuild

In yet another Thornton job we were called out to check on a broken toilet handle. When we came in the handle certainly was broken, but the Douglas valve was split and the rest of the parts were worn heavily as well. The owner requested that we go ahead and do a rebuild on it. This is a pretty common service for older toilets.

Plumbers in Broomfield

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  • “Finished in 15 minutes at nearly 1/3 the competition’s price.”

    Customer Review Cara Beasley Review 6/06/12 I was quoted a rather high price for a simple pipe blockage from another plumbing company. McAdams came out right after my call, took a look at the issue, answered my questions, and was finished in 15 minutes at nearly 1/3 the competition’s price. I was so happy. Thank Read the full article…

  • “Above and beyond scope of the job.”

    Customer Review Nathan Hawk Review 5/11/12 After completing all the work, Richard took time to carefully explain the issues, and then he ran a couple of tests that I felt were above and beyond the call of duty. And then he gave me a one year warranty that was, again, above and beyond scope of Read the full article…