Are You Drinking Toilet Water?

Toilet Water

Are You Drinking Toilet Water?

Are You Drinking Toilet Water?

Our friends at 9News have posted a great investigation piece on back flow and how it can effect the water in your homes called “Are You Drinking Toilet Water?” You can read the introductory article and watch the teaser here.

The complete video investigation can be watched here.

The big takeaway from this article: be careful if you’re doing your own plumbing. Cross contamination is a big deal and can cause sickness in a healthy person, or more severe issues in a person with a compromised or weak immune system, like children or the elderly.

Toilet Water

If you’re not completely sure what you’re doing when installing your plumbing, call a professional. It is the job of a licensed plumber to know all codes and regulations when it comes to drainage and back flow, and it’s their job to keep your family safe from cross-contamination.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your at-home plumbing project, call McAdams Plumbing today. We’re happy to take the time to discuss your situation and help you make the best decision for your family and your pocketbook.

The Proof is in the Plumbing! 

Are You Drinking Toilet Water?

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